Friday, 9 November 2007

My favourite season

Autumn has arrived and it is bee-yoo-ti-ful! I lurve autumn, with all the colors of the leaves on the trees! plus, after autumn, is winter, which i also lurve! winter is so romantic, i think. with the overcast skies and the chilly bite in the air. the overcast skies. ok well, so it's romantic if
a: ur indoors, away fr the cold
b: ur not suffering fr seasonal acquired depression
c: ur not caught in a blizzard

hahahahha but i really love autumn. its amazing how many faces nature has isn't it. all 4 seasons have totally diffferent looks fr one another. while walking back fr work the other day, i was just thinking how glad i was to be alive to see the beauty around me.

it's amazing how some ppl cling on to life while others just seem to give up hope and wither away. i suppose the real question is whether u believe there's anything worthwhile in ur life to cling to. sometimes i wonder whether it's worth being alive if im' not finding a cure for AIDS or preventing nuclear wars etc. cos to me, my life so far has just been existing.

yup, existing fr day to day. no major impact on anyone. no major impact to anything. makes me wonder whether i'd be a clinger or a witherer.

so what are u today? a clinger or a witherer?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

I am an idiot.

I am an idiot.


The powers that be gave me a chance to have a hassle free comfortable journey home to Swansea and what do i do? I avoid it.

I am an idiot.

I feel like the man in the joke who's sitting on a burning house in the flood who refuses the rescue boat and the helicopter while waiting for the divine hand to pluck him off the roof. Yup, I'm THAT stupid.

My friend was in birmingham at the same time i was and going back to Swansea on the same day i was. But since he was leaving around the same time my train was leaving and the journey time too the same, i thought i wouldn't bother him and instead be independent and take the train back.

Big mistake.

First, my train was delayed for 45 mins. Then, there was so many passengers that i had to stand for an hour and a half squashed in a corner. Then, i missed the bus and the next one was an hour away.

I ended up taking a cab home fr the train station when i finally arrived in swansea. So here i am, 10 pounds poorer and with a new found hatred for the train service in UK.

Lesson learned? Never reject a free ride again!!!! I'm off to lie down now.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Oh happy day!

Oh happy day!!!! Kimi has finally won the championship! I never thought the day would come! He must be the world's most unlucky person. I always thought he should've hired a medicine man to cleanse his aura or whatever needed cleansing. But, against all odds, he's managed to claw back (literally) the championship. Much deserved, methinks!

Anyone who's followed F1 would have seen kimi suffer race after race last year. From blowing an engine on the last corner to just being plain unlucky, I feel he really deserves to win the championship this year. Sigh, now i can rest, contented that my fav driver has won the title. What a fitting end to the racing year.

Hehe, now all that is left is to see which team will take on Alonso next year. Ok, i'm off to watch Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze, drool!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Oh man, am i broke this month!! haha and the next month too i can guess! Sigh, have credit card, will shop. Oh heck, have feet, will shop! I've been bit by the shopping bug. I blame the loneliness here. Never in my life have i been more eager to shop! I used to just enter shops, wander round, and then exit......all in under 15 mins! Today, I spent a lot (well, it seemed a lot to me) on a new coat ( hey, winter is coming!), some jumpers and food. I had to rein myself in or i would've bought shoes too! Sigh, i need more money!

3-seconder just told me about her new pups and do they sound cute! Aww, there's just something about puppies that just make ur heart melt, doesn't it! It even brings a smile to my face thinking of the little bundles of fur! Then i imagine them doing their business ALL OVER the place.................... and the melting stops. haha oh i'm a hard person.

Well, in case anyone is wondering, there's nothing new happening in Swansea. Did happen to see a dr's name on the board with my brother's EXACT initials and with the same surname! how cool is that! hahaha oh dear, i've just sunk to a new low.

so ok then, am off before i embarress myself further.
I miss being sarcastic!!!!! Sigh, i miss the old comraderie where our group of friends are so in tune and comfortable with each other that we know that we can poke fun at each other without offending. u know, taking the piss out of ur friends and knowing that they'll get the joke! ah ha! makes a smile

come to ur face as u read this cos u know EXACTLY what i mean! bet memories of past jokes are flying thru ur mind now!

oh how i miss those days! it's so tiring and boring being polite allllllll the time!!!! if i could, i'd rent a person and sit them opposite me and just crack sarcastic jokes at them! hahaha believe me, i'm serious. i'm THAT bored.......the problem with meeting new ppl is u never know how far u can push the line without offending them.

sigh, i'm about to burst.

Let my sarcasm go!
(to be sung in a deep rich baritone to the tune of 'Let my people go')

Friday, 17 August 2007

Mensa test

What is pain?

Stubbing a toe? Catching a finger in the door? Run-in with a knife??? nooooooo....let me tell u what pain is.

Pain is deseeding half a kilo of dried chillies with ur bare hands and then picking ur nose.

I'm not joking. It literally feels like ur brain is on fire. Feel free to find out for urself if u don't believe me! hahahahaha it was so pain that I actually considered snorting up water just to wash out the chilli residues!! And THAT'S what i call a mensa test!

For those who are wondering, a mensa test is what my friends and i call ppl that do things that are so stupid u wonder why they aren't members of mensa ( which is actually making fun of them, cos mensa ppl are actually very bright)

So there u have it, my own moment of enlightenment.

I haven't been online for a while. quite a while in fact. I've just moved to Swansea in Wales and man, am i going crazy!! I didn't have an internet connection for the first week that i moved here and by the end of 7 days, i was suffering fr withdrawal symptoms. yup! crankiness, dreaming of surfing the net and imagining all sorts of appliances were connected to the internet. i'm sure if it had gone on any longer, i'd have started having tremors.

So now i have dial-up but since i have to pay for it, i won't be able to be online for a long time. and since i have literallly no friends here, be prepared for the rantings to get crazier and weirder (is the spelling right? looks er, weird).

which brings me to my most desparate appeal. if anyone knows anyone in swansea, who is coming to swansea, or even THINKING of coming here....please give them my email and ask them to contact me!!! i'm so bored i could end up doing things i regret! the other day, i nearly started talking to the door!!! and when i walk around the pharmacy collecting items, i sometimes find myself talking to items. sigh, please put me out of my misery or i'll be the next headlines.

"Mad pharmacist found wondering the fields having tea with sheep".


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Stop the nonsense!

Well, it's the end of May and we've been having glorious sunshine so far! I hope that it goes on and I'll be able to have my picnic in the sun once exams are over! Time to regenerate the brain cells using Mother Nature's recipe, fresh air and sunshine. Add a few bee stings here and there and i'll be all set!

I was online reading the Star newspaper online. Man, did my blood boil. Those narrow minded ppl are saying that women dressing provocatively are just asking to be raped. This is a touchy issue and I have no idea what these men are doing rattling the lion's cage. So does this mean that since they were acting distastely I can beat them up? After all, they were asking for it.

Basically what they're saying is, if it looks like a tortoise, dresses like a tortoise, acts like a tortoise, it MUST be a tortoise! Never mind the fact that it has a trunk, is 2 stories tall and could crush a coconut with a toe. Noooooooooooo, it had the audacity to behave like a tortoise, therefore it is asking to be treated like a tortoise and we should catch it, kill it and use it's shell to make soup.

But that's just their point, isn't it? Just because someone gives and impression of being something, suddenly all their rights are taken away! Well, I'm sorry but that doesn't happen mister! So we like dressing up nice, big deal. Granted, some show a little more flesh than others, but that's their choice. Maybe they like the fashion. But whatever the reason, the manner of dressing does NOT allow a rapist to take away the person't choice and rights as a human. Even if they were to walk around naked, no one has the 'RIGHT' to force themselves on them.

It's like giving a get-out-of-jail-free card to all rapists out there. It's not your fault, she ASKED for it! Besides, what constitutes provocative dressing anyway? As far as I'm concerned, babies in diapers don't count. So how do they account for all those cases involving little children and babies? Huh? Huh? Explain that!!!!!

And this is from the country that says good looking women don't need to work because they can find rich husbands to care for them. I've never been so ashamed of my country before. The patrotism-meter just fell to an all time low. Thank god our news never makes international headlines anyway.

Now, if only I could go wallop those big mouthed, narrow minded politicians. After all, they sound ignorant, their actions reflect ignorance.......they MUST be ignorant! Ignorant ppl don't know what's good for them and I have to set a learning example for the others. They asked for it.